Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Red Hair Color Fades Fast

Why does Red hair color fade very fast?
This is a question I am asked frequently.
I have compared twelve bands of hair color and they all fade so much faster than other colors.  Some  red brands last up to twice as long as other brands of red color, but they only last 25% as long as other colors in the same brand.
This is a big problem now because red is such a popular color. While it was just a trend, most thought it would not last.  Now it is so fashionable, I believe it is a classic. 
That is why the question is asked more now than ever.

Reasons red color fades faster:
  • Red hair color molecule is larger and heavier than any other hair color molecule.
  • Red hair color molecule is too large to penetrate the hair shaft so it adheres to the surface.  If the hair is pre bleached, the cuticle is open so wide that the color will penetrate this hair shaft.
  • The Red molecule will shampoo off the hair in a matter of about two weeks compared to other colors that will not shampoo off the hair.

There are some steps I have taken that help the red last four times longer. 
Tomorrow, I am planning to do a scientific controlled experiment to discover how much longer the red color will last when these steps are followed.
  • I will color 3 swatches of hair on the same mannequin following the exact same procedure and using the exact same formula on each swatch of hair. 
  • Swatch# 1 will be colored , processed and dried following manufacturer directions.  I will save this swatch and not shampoo any more to compare to the others after the experiment.
  • Swatch # 2 will be colored , processed and dried following manufacturer directions.   
  • #3 swatch will be processed the same as #1 and I will use the steps that I found that will make it last longer.
  • Swatch #2  and #3 will  be shampooed and dried 30 times
  • Then I will compare the 3 swatches and calculate the amount of fade on each swatch.
I will document and repair the results in three days.