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How to Condition and Repair Dry, Frizzy Perms

How to Repair Damaged Frizzy Perms.

Problem #1  PERM with severely damaged hair that snaps and breaks easily

If a perm solution is left on too long, then the hair is over processed.  This over processed hair breaks off when stretched test is done.  It absorbs much more water than healthy hair so it takes longer to dry and feels like straw with not much curl with frizzy ends when dry.

If you strand test your hair and it breaks very easily, it will just get worse with each shampoo and other conditioners because of the low pH of conditioners  that makes the hair feel good when wet but makes it weak and feel like straw when dry.


 REZZ A RECT is the only treatment that actually will stop the hair breaking, repair the porosity, and repair the split ends.  It will not feel as good on wet hair because of the perfect pH.  Conditioners have a low pH that closes the cuticle and feels slick when wet, but after each use, the hair is weakened, because it each time the cuticle is artificially closed, the hinge is torn a little till finally it will break off or split.   A REZZ A RECT treatment service can be obtained  in most of the finer salons and is guaranteed to repair the hair.  If your salon does not have the REZZ A RECT Treatment, ask them to visit the website for more info and orders.


Problem #2  PERM with frizzy dry ends

This perm problem is usually caused by using rods that are too small.

Usually the hair is very strong and it is impossible to style without frizz.  The more you do to the hair, the frizzer it looks.


If the amount of curl is too curly or frizzy, then it need to be relaxed a bit.  Use the perm solution application on wet hair and process 5 min to relax the curl a small amount.  Then neutralize for 5 min, rinse and use the Daily Leave In Conditioner to style it or to let it dry naturally.  The Daily Conditioner  is good mixed with the STIMULANT to make a cocktail that will be left in the hair, dried naturally or ironed. The STIMULANT is good to help shine, repair, and detangle.  The Daily Conditioner alone is good too for a styling aid that will keep the curl from frizzing.  Also, I use a little Liquid Styling Mousse to make the style hold longer and not be so fly-away.

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