Sunday, July 20, 2008


Repairing hair has become my favorite thing to do at the Salon. Everyone is so happy and excited to see their hair healthy again. Rebecca had already tried every conditioner and hair repair treatment she could find and it just got worse.

BEFORE Rebecca's hair had many split ends and was so damaged it was breaking off

AFTER the hair repair with Antoniou REZZ A RECT her hair is healthy enough to get more color or another perm
Rebecca had damaged her hair and over processed her hair with color and bleach. Then she really damaged her hair to a mushy feel when wet, and a straw feel when dry after she used a perm and a hair relaxer. Her hair would break when combed or brushed. In the before picture, her bang had broken off instead of being cut. I myself was amazed that it only took one five minute treatment of ANTONIOU REZZ A RECT to repair it. Everyone thinks it is a different person but I promise it is not. The video show us repairing it. We only used a little make up too.
#1. Shampoo,rinse, do not towel dry
#2. Apply tbs of ANTONIOU REZZ A RECT and work throughout very wet hair
#3. Cover with plastic bag and apply heat
#4. Cool down and rinse hair lightly
#5. Apply ANTONIOU CONDITIONER/DETANGLER , work throughout hair and rinse
#6. Apply a small amount of ANTONIOU REZZ A RECT and leave in the hair as a styling aid
and to protect from further damage.

I guarantee REZZ A RECT will repair your hair