Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ingredients of REZZ A RECT

                  REZZ A RECT

            Rezz a Rect 4 oz             Rezz a rect 2 oz

The main active ingredient in REZZ A RECT is Aloe.  
John has created a way to activate the Aloe with oxygen.

Aloe Vera
Glycereth 7
Vegetable Protein

The Secret power to repair is not in the ingredients but it is in the new process John Antoniou, scientist and hairdresser, discovered that infuses the ingredients permanently into the hair.  Rezz a rect like permanent hair color becomes a permanent part of the hair. Of course you can bleach it out and remove it and that is how you can remove REZZ A RECT.

John Antoniou, the scientist, breaks the conditioning molecules into tiny ones with a very special, expensive, secret process that takes a long time. These protein molecules are so tiny and like the Laminins, the cell adhesion molecules, are in the family of proteins that are an integral part of tissue that hold cells together. Molecules so tiny can penetrate into the damaged hair and permanently adhere. The same ingredients may be in another conditioner but unless John's process is used which breaks the molecules down into their basic tiny structure, they remain too large to penetrate, become a part of the hair, repair split ends, and stop breakage. Other conditioners are shampooed off the hair like temporary hair color.

(Like permanent hair color verses temporary color. Permanent hair color molecules are small enough to go deep into shaft where the large molecules of shampoo do not go and remove.)

The negative charge of the damaged hair attracts the positive charge of REZZ A RECT and remains after shampoo. It restores the salt bond (ionic bonds) and the cystine bonds. In severely damaged hair the salt, cystine, and polypeptide bond/Protein chains have been broken. These bonds give hair toughness and strength. After these bonds are restored the hair is healthy again. At the present time we can find no other conditioner that has molecules small enough to repair like REZZ A RECT .

In certified classes (CEU's) Jeannie's Hair Company Instructors and Educators invite Cosmetologist to bring their favorite repair treatment.
The hairdressers take a damaged swatch and test repair treatments. They test on swatch that has been previously severely damaged by leaving the swatch in bleach with 40 vol developer for 12 hours. The swatch has 0% elasticity and 100% porosity (meaning it feels like gum when wet )  The Hair dressers do the test and compare REZZ to their previous favorite treatment to see the proof for themselves.

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