Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Humidity Creates Hair Problem

I had 2 new clients ask me today why their hair has been so hard to manage and unruly just lately.
It is because the climate here is so changeable.
Lately it has been very humid and hot.  The humidity causes
curly hair to frizz and causes straight hair to go limp and
loose its style.  It also can make the hair look oily by the end of the day.

A remedy and way to solve this problem  is to change the brand of styling product.

Select one that is humidity proof. 
I will have The Hair Repair Team test the ones that claim to be humidity proof and rate them.  I will  upload the results to this blog if anyone else has this problem and asks. 

I know what my #1 choice is now, but I need to compare some new ones to my favorite to discover if mine is still best or if maybe one of the new ones is a little better.
For the test we will use a human hair mannequin, apply different products to each section, and use exactly the same styling technique on each section.  We will place the mannequin outside in the humidity and leave for 24hours.  Then we will take photos and document the results.

This sounds like lots of fun and I already can't wait to see the results!!! 
This will be great news for Cosmetologist who come to our Continuing Education Classes to earn CEU's for license renewal    

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