Friday, July 23, 2010

This is the photo of the repair we did today on the model who just came back from the beach. We also did a new foiling lowlights because her beach hair looked too light and monotone. This did not show off the layered cut like the new lowlights did.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How can I repair these ends that I damaged from a frizzy perm without cutting it off?
After testing all the repair treatments, I have found that only REZZ A RECT can repair hair that is this badly damaged. That is because it builds new bonds on the inside,instead of covering up the damage on the outside.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Testing Hair Repair Treatments

Today I tested, compared, and rated 5 Hair Repair Treatments. I chose the very best and the most expensive.

#1 Rezz A Rect

#2 Winn

#3 KPac

#4 Trauma Treatment

#5 BioLustre

#6 Kronos

Model with frizzy, curly, and fine hair was slightly damaged and broke off with moderate tug during the stretch test.

Step 1- The hair was shampooed and divided into 2 sections.

Step 2- Rezz a rect was applied to left half of head. Processed under heat for 10 min, rinsed, dried a small section and Stretch Tested again. The hair stretched 60% further without breaking and contracted to original length.

Step 3- Trauma Treatment was applied to Right section and followed directions- processed 10 min and rinsed. Stretch Tested and reported the hair broke when stretched less than 5% and snapped with a sound!

Step 4- BioLustre was tested on Right side and followed directions. After Stretch Testing, the result was the same as above. Only a 5% stretch was done before it snapped

Step 5- Winn was applied and directions followed on the Right side. After rinsing the hair was feeling so slick and satiny. It felt great. After drying and Stretch Testing, the hair was breaking with less force applied. It was beginning to break with less that 5% stretch.

Step 6- KPac applied to The Right side of head and followed directions. After rinsing and drying the hair was Stretched Tested and discovered hair even easier to break.

  • My Tests show that Rezz A Rect hair stretched 60% after.
  • Tests show the hair treated 4 times with Kronos, Trauma Treatment, BioLustre, Winn, and Kronos was breaking easier than before the treatment.

Conclusion: Rezz A Rect restores elasticity and stops hair from breaking. The Rezz a rect repaired hair is "chemical service"-ready immediately following the treatment. Hair treated with the best most expensive brands of hair repair treatments had less elasticity than before the treatments.